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  1. Understand the routes of contamination
  2. Identify the activities which will expose us to potential contamination by pesticides
  3. Take steps to prevent contamination

Routes of contamination through dermal

More than 90% of exposure cases worldwide are accounted for skin contact - the most common route of exposure. 

The degree of hazard from dermal absoption depends on:

  • Dermal toxicity of the formulation
  • The extent of exposure (amount of body surface exposed)
  • The part of body exposed 
  • The time between exposure and skin decontamination

Dermal contamination when preparinng the pesticides

Examples of exposure:

  • Leaking containers
  • Spillages / splashes
  • Did not use appropriate PPE

Hands and arms are body parts most at risk when measuring and mixing pesticide concentrates.


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