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Syngenta combines research and development with practical expertise to drive up local crop productivity and profitability. It all begins with high-quality seeds to round-the-clock protection from pests and diseases.

Crop Product

Amidst the shortage of agricultural land and crop product, traditional agricultural practices are not enough to keep up with the changing trends.

Farmers need to upgrade their approach towards increasing their yield and benefit from the recent agriculture science, research, and development, whether to control the pests, protect the crops from diseases, or supplement their soil with nutrients.

For this, there are various agrochemical products available at Syngenta that can make agriculture future-proof for farmers.

Our Crop Product Range:

  1. 1. Seeds:

The top factor determining the quality and quantity of your yield depends on the seeds you use. Good quality seeds mean a higher sprouting rate, greater resistance to weather conditions, and stronger immunity against diseases.

  1. 2. Plant Pesticides / Protectants:

It is a challenge for farmers to grow plants to the best of their potential, and keep them healthy till the harvesting season, and be supplied fresh to the market, protectants are important.

The most common threats are insects, pests, fungi, and weeds. Our plant pesticide is not only rapidly effective against pests, but it can also give you long-term relief by ending the problem from the root. These are safe for the vegetation and approved for human health.

  • a. Herbicides:

Our herbicides protect against all types of unwanted plant growthi.e.,weed. Using our herbicides will keep your land's resources safe from unwanted plants while ensuring ample nutrition for your desired plants. They are safe to use when your crop has already grown.

You can also use our pre-emergence herbicides to prevent weed growth before it appears, whereas our post-emergence herbicides will handle the situation when the weed has already grown.

  • b. Insecticides:

Insecticides are tricky to use because some insects are not only helpful for the farmers, they also are essential and beneficial for the health and growth of your crop. On the other hand, most insects can infect and harm the crops or make them unfit for human use.

The risk is manifold in the tropical climate of Malaysia, which provides the ideal warmth and humidity for the rapid growth of insects.

Syngenta provides carefully engineered insecticides that can effectively control the growth and presence of harmful insects while leaving the beneficial ones unharmed.

  • c. Fungicides:

Like weed and insects, fungicides can also destroy your crop. The hardest part about dealing with fungi is its multiple types, many of which are half to identify and remain masked until they have done their damage.

The ideal way to deal with them is to use a dual approach, i.e., take preventive and curative measures i.e. cure and prevent the spores from developing. We also have both the contact type that can become almost instantly effective as well as the systematic type that can provide longer-lasting effects with deep penetration.

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