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We invest and innovate to transform the way crops are grown and protected to bring about positive, lasting change in agriculture. We help farmers manage a complex set of challenges from nature and society. Our approach is to ensure that everybody wins: that farmers are prosperous, agriculture becomes more sustainable, and consumers have safe, healthy and nutritious food.

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Only Farmer Will Understand
Hanya Petani Faham
Are you a farmer facing sucking pest problem on your crop? A novel active ingredient for sucking pests from Syngenta is coming soon.
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It won't be wrong to say that agriculture is the most important profession in the world as it provides the food humans and other species need to survive. It can also not be denied that such reliance and dependence have put a lot of pressure on those in the agriculture business.

The world's food demand is higher than ever because of the ever-increasing population. The more difficult part is that we are running short on agricultural land to accommodate more population.

Such a situation has left farmers with no room for losing their yield at all because doing so can quickly turn into a scarcity of food. Moreover, if countries like Malaysia are not self-sufficient in the food department, it will quickly disbalance their exports and imports, which will ultimately become a hindrance on the path to progress.

Agricultural science is vital to avoid such situations and ensure that farmers produce the best possible results for themselves and the country. Without agricultural science, we will not only lose much of our yield, but we might also face food scarcity.

At Syngenta, we realize all these problems and have been in a continuous quest to roll out improved and advanced chemicals for agriculture through agricultural science and research. Our chemicals for agriculture can help the farmers protect their crops from diseases and insects, maximize their yield and ensure that they are always profitable.

Agricultural Science:

At Syngenta, we believe that being an expert in agriculture and qualified for agricultural science is far less than enough. We believe that agricultural science can never produce promising results unless they understand the problems that a common farmer in Malaysia faces.

Our team of experts keeps this approach under consideration for all the products we provide. We focus on ensuring that the products do not only get their job done but also remain beneficial for the farmer in monetary terms.

Moreover, we do not provide a product to the public unless rigorously tested and backed by proven results. Our products are 100% effective and safe to use, subject to maintenance and proper application procedure.

Chemicals for Agriculture:

At Syngenta, we do not specialize in one product; we master all of them. We have a complete range of chemicals for agriculture that farmers might need. Our customers consider us as a one-stop-shop for all their agricultural needs.

Our readily available stock contains a variety of:

  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Weed Killers and much more.

Browse our range now to safeguard Malaysia's future by protecting your crops and play your part in our collective prosperity by increasing your yield!

Syngenta is a leading science-based, agtech company. We help millions of farmers around the world grow safe, nutritious food.

Our ambition is to become the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture. We strive for this as we provide premium seeds and crop protection innovation, enhancing the prosperity of farmers everywhere.